Shield Since 1964 Ultimate Tyre Care kit

Give the most hardworking part of your car the care it deserves with Shield’s Ultimate Tyre Care Kit. Your tyres are where rubber meets the road and are critical to your safety and your vehicle’s performance. Proper tyre care and maintenance is essential, not only to extend the life of your tyres, but to ensure a safer journey for longer. Keep your tyres looking great and provide regular maintenance using the Shield Ultimate Tyre Care Kit.

The products contained in the Shield Ultimate Tyre Care Kit are:

  • 4×4 Tyre Jack 16.9 fl oz/500ml

  • Tyre Gloss 13.52 fl oz/400ml

  • Mag Cleaner 16.9 fl oz / 500ml

  • Tool-in-a-Can 2.5fl oz / 75ml

  • Multi-purpose Wipes

  • Tyre Applicator Pad

  • Mag Cleaner Brush

Ultimate Tyre Care Kit