Shield Since 1964 Ultimate Interior Kit

You spend a lot of time on the inside of your car, why not give your interior the absolute best care it deserves with our Ultimate Interior Cleaning Kit? Shield’s Ultimate Interior Cleaning kit comprises of all the products you need to clean your interior from the top of your dashboard to the leather on your seats and upholstery and carpets with the added bonus of giving it that fresh scent with a mist spray freshener.

The products contained in the Shield Ultimate Interior Cleaning Kit are:

  • Air Conditioner Treatment & Fogger 6.76 fl oz/200ml

  • Leather Care 13.5 fl oz/400ml

  • Upholstery & Carpet Cleaner 9.3 fl oz/275ml

  • Sheen Wipes

  • Fresh 24 Mist Spray Freshener*

  • Wipe ‘n Dry Chamois

  • Interior Detailing Mitt

  • Mini Detailing Brush

  • Fragrance variant may differ from pack shot

Ultimate Interior Cleaning Kit


  • Shield Since 1964 | Air Conditioner Treatment Fogger

    Air Conditioner Treatment

  • Shield Since 1964 | Fresh 24 Mist Car Air Freshener

    Fresh 24 Mist Spray Freshener

  • Interior Detailing Mitt

    Interior Detailing Mitt

  • Shield Since 1964 Leather Care

    Leather Care

  • Shield Since 1964 | Mini Detailing Brush

    Mini Detailing Brush

  • Sheen Wipes

    Sheen Wipes

  • Shield Since 1964 | Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner

    Upholstery & Carpet Cleaner 9.3 fl oz/275ml

  • Shield Since 1964 | Wipe n Dry Chamois

    Wipe ‘n Dry Chamois